Beau has categorically changed my view on finances, financial growth and even financial worth in reading both of his amazing books multiple times. Hi explanations are simple for the layperson to grasp and his roadmap steps make taking your own reins back an empowering experience rather than a place of fear and unknown that so many people walk around with. My favorite philosophy of his is being a steward in your own life and I love how he ties together so many life lessons with educating consumers as to how to grow with their money rather than being driven by the burn to just make more and more without direction. I cannot wait to see what comes next for Beau and his magic!

Shari Teigman:

Frankly, I had never heard of Beau Henderson before . The title and description caught my eye. After all, who doesn't need advice on finances ? I knew I did and was willing to give " the roadmap to a rich life" a shot. As far as financial advice books go, this one keeps the advice simplified enough to be actionable. This is not a get rich book. What it does have is many examples and the reasoning behind simple steps that can help improve one's life in many areas .

There are also questions and blank spaces to fill in your own personal roadmap . Something magical happens when we go through an exercise of writing out a goal . Author Beau Henderson is obviously a talented teacher along with being a financial/ life adviser . I plan on reading every blog and post as well as listening to his radio or podcasts immediately. I couldn't recommend it more highly ! Buy this book if you want to make a real change

Bridgette LaRon Sims

This was such a practical guide to getting my finances in order. My wife and I have been looking for a resource to get ourselves on the right financial track. So many of the books we looked at either felt too complicated or too simplistic. This book doesn't shy away from hard concepts, but it does use practical examples and relatable exercises to help novices (like me) come to terms with the ideas. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a clear picture of their current financial state and a create a game plan for their financial future.

Carl Dylan

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